Thursday, September 8, 2011

~If Only~

~It dangles in front of shiny and filled with promise, like a crystal prism refracting light in colors so vivid and pure that it fills me with wonder and awe..
~It dangles in front of me.....this dream that is almost tangible but just out of reach, leaving echos of emptiness within the chambers of my heart.
~It dangles in front of me......I want so desperately to reach out and grasp it, pulling it to my chest, hanging on ever so tightly.
~It dangles in front of me......but the fear of failure renders me helpless and turns me into a child who needs the gentle voice of reassurance.
~It dangles in front of me......spinning round and round, singing its windsong for my ears only. Pleasing me and teasing me with the promise of what could be...........if only.~

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