Thursday, September 1, 2011


There is a part of me.......that no one sees. The innocent little girl who marveled at rainbows, danced in the rain, walked barefoot in the grass under the bright blue skies and golden sunshine. I can see her now....her long brown hair flowing, her big brown eyes shining, her shyness, her smile, her  hopes and dreams, her insecurities, her another lifetime she was a ballerina, a princess, a saint loved by many. And though she gazed at the Moon and Stars and prayed that love would find her and rescue her from her loneliness, she knew that she would have to become stronger and patient and endure all that life would throw her way....knowing that it wouldn't be easy because anything worth having would be a struggle to obtain. The little girl in me KNEW these things.....and she was so very right and so very wise beyond her so much time has passed, decades have gone by.... but I still see her, I still commune with her..... for she has become my inspiration, my voice of reason when nothing in this life makes sense. She is pure and she is innocent and she has the wisdom of Heaven within her soul and the Love of angels inside her heart. She is me and she is beautiful and  though I sometimes lose my way I have not forgotten her......... <3

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