Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tick Tock

~ So much time has slipped away. Minutes turning into hours, hours turning into days, which turned into weeks, months turning into years..... So many years slowly passing by as I complacently listened without really hearing the ticking of the clock with its second hand diligently marching forward, minute by minute, like some futuristic soldier who bears no mercy, no forgiveness..... Minute by minute, until sunlight turned into moonlight, day in and day out a repeat of the sameness, echoing the longing and loneliness I felt until it became some kind of pathetic mantra. I look back now and wonder why.....why did I allow myself to wallow in this self-imposed state of suspended animation, frozen in time, exiled from life, alive but not really living. Had I forgotten the sacredness of my existence? But of course, I knew the answer..... I dared not put faith in to love again when all I've known of love is heartache and disillusionment. Although my heart and my soul yearned for, my mind would not entertain the idea of it.....So I merely existed, alive but not really living....while the minutes turned into hours, turning into days, which turned into weeks, months turning into years......So many years slowly passing by......and then I met you, and you made me see that time, nor love, waits for any of us. <3

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