Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So many words have been spoken. They've had years of accumulation....Many were spoken gently and filled with the promise of love and of all good things yet to come. There were words that spoke of our hopes and dreams, wishes and desires, joys and accomplishments, all an expression of thankfulness in the love we shared. But overtime, the hardships of life crept in and my words of reassurance were tossed to the wayside and fell on deaf ears. Our words then began to turn bitter and angry....resentment became second nature. our long forgotten words of love turned into words of frustration and accusations, sometimes apologies, sometimes vulgar retaliations......i can look back now and see the slow downward spiral into the abyss of marital despair. I own my share of the failure, my share of the blame....because I simply gave up and became apathetic to it all. So many words have been spoken...and they crucified me with their cruelty and condemnation. They stripped me of my sense of self-worth and self-love......Until the end of my days I will choose my words ever so carefully and speak them softly and from the heart.....For words hold much power and can forever leave their mark.~

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