Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sacrificial Love

                                                    ~ Sacrificial Love~

 You ask why he chose you? Have you forgotten your beauty and self-worth? And who is he who honors you with his glance, his curiosity, his sexuality? You gave yourself to him like a lamb who lies her head down on the butcher's table, quietly saying take me....I am yours for the kill, because you have noticed me and shined your light my way when I have lived in darkness for so long. Do with me what
you will....sustain yourself from my flesh, but remember, I allowed this. I came to you with purity of heart and good intention. I looked deep within your eyes and trusted what I saw there..... you may have taken my flesh, but I have taken much more. I have taken your honor, I have taken your sense of it is for you to decide, was the flesh worth the price?

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