Monday, September 3, 2012

How Are You?

You asked how I am and I replied: "I'm doing okay, you know, trying very hard, very hard." You replied: "What are you trying very hard to do?" My answer was: I'm trying very hard to keep my self together, trying very hard to remain happy and maintain a positive outlook on life. Trying very hard to not stand too close to the abyss of despair once again because I don't want to fall back in for it's much too difficult a climb back up to the land of the living. Trying very hard not to love you or to simply love you and release you to the wind........but I said all these things in my mind and you never heard these words. You can no longer bear to hear my words because you don't really want to know how I am doing. I am doing okay...........and how are you? No, tell me truly, how are you doing?

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