Thursday, November 3, 2011

I will not say I am sorry for loving you. Love is something that comes from the night sky when the moon shines bright and fills our hearts with the promise of a life filled with wonder and joy, a  life worth living.and sharing. How can I possibly be sorry for loving you? I simply had no choice in the matter. Love is a blessing and the courage it takes to be so vulnerable is such a brave and selfless act when knowing that our hearts can be broken at any given moment in time.....I do not want my heart to be broken simply because I have dared to love you. I lay in bed thinking I should have known better, how irresponsible of me, I should not have allowed myself to go this far, so deep now and over my head. But I am weak over such an emotion that I have not experienced in too many years, a lifetime ago.....How does anyone have control over love and why would we want to deny ourselves of something so pure and true? We can justify, rationalize, demonize and crucify love because it is inconvenient and doesn't fit into our neatly packaged lives, but we are turning our backs on something so precious and rare, something that we may never again experience. Some search their entire lives and never know of love,,,,,,,how very sad that must be for them. But  I have tasted love and will not say I am sorry for loving you......if I did I would be lying....

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