Tuesday, November 22, 2011

~Warrior Of Love~

Should I feel remorse because my love for you causes discomfort? When all I want to do is dance with joy because I am finally able to feel once again? It is not something that I can control nor do I wish to...... I no longer have the strength or desire to wage battle with my heart. It is useless, a no-win situation for I would be an unarmed adversary. There was a time when you would not have gotten close, when you would not have been my conqueror. My armor was once impenetrable and my shield strong and protective. But even the most determined warriors tire and with time forget what it is they are fighting against. I knew all too well what I was fighting against but the cause was no longer worthy and did not serve me well. My steely resolve began to strip away, layer by layer, until I allowed myself to become vulnerable. What sane person dares to declare war on love? Such a lonely and desolate battlefield....... I was made to realize that the bravest, most noble warrior is he who defiantly removes his armor, lay down his weapons, and stands humbly before fellow man with compassion and open heart. There is no soul more brave than one who bares his heart to another, for the wound that may be suffered is sharper than any pain inflicted by sheath or sword. I stand before you now, exposed in all my glory with heart wide open. I have come to understand that I would rather die for what I know to be righteous and true than to fight a battle that was never meant to be won.......

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