Thursday, November 3, 2011

~Love Explained~

I love you.....why should I feel guilty or ashamed because I am blessed once again to know of love? Why must I hold it within and bite my tongue when all I want to do is laugh, dance and sing my words of love to all that would bear to watch and listen? I love you.....I cannot control the way I feel nor do I wish to. I choose to be free in my thinking and allow my heart the same luxury. I have prayed and pleaded for many years, I have petitioned God and made promises so that I could find love once more before my time here has been fulfilled. I love you.....It is not something to be explained away or reasoned with. It is not an emotion that has been conjured up out of loneliness and neglect. It is nothing more and nothing less than what it is.....and that is Love. I love you......and I am not sorry if it causes you discomfort or concern because it is pure and good and it comes from a place outside of myself that I have no control over......I love you......there are worse things in this life to suffer.

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