Friday, October 28, 2011

Wayne's Accident

He really did it this time! How many times do you talk to someone before they listen? Some people never do, they have to learn everything the hard way. I suppose I was that way when I was young too. Stubborn, hard-headed, thought I knew it of course it would serve me right to have a child who is the same way. But  he is playing with fire, this son of mine who I fear may have gotten the alcoholic gene passed down to him from a family tree riddled with them. I am worried about him now. He's only 23 years old and has been so defiant since his teens. Wayne's not a bad kid, he's intelligent, handsome, kind hearted for the most part but has the defensive air when it comes to his father and I. He just doesn't want to be told what to do or how he should do it. He despises advice, I think it just bounces right off of his brain like a ball off a wall. But he should have heeded our warnings about driving while intoxicated. What a fucking stupid thing to do....and to argue on his cell phone while driving drunk, doubly stupid, idiotic and moronic combined! Last night, well, early this morning around 5:00am I hear that dreaded knock on my door. A parents worse fear and one we pray we'll never experience. My husband gets out of bed while saying "Fuck me" because he knew this couldn't be good. There on the front porch stands a police officer with our son who is shit faced drunk, my son not the officer... I'm still laying in bed but could hear the conversation. Wayne Jr. was driving home from Clifton, he was twice the legal limit, and he ran off the road driving too fast and hit a telephone pole. We found out later from our son that he was having an argument on his cell phone with his girlfriend Janine. Janine has threatened to break up with Wayne in the past because of his drinking. Her father was or still is an alcoholic and her brother is as well. She doe not want a boyfriend/husband who suffers from the same curse. I don't blame her. I have been married to an alcoholic for over 3 decades now and it's no picnic in the park. So you see, my son learned by example I suppose, a double whammy if indeed he did inherit the addictive personality gene. I need to do more research. I know things could have turned out far worse and that I should be grateful that he didn't kill himself or anyone else or have a head injury and lie in a coma for years. Hitting a telephone pole while drunk and speeding is serious business. The police officer told my husband that it's a good thing he was driving a solid car, that Volvo's are build to withstand much more than some of the cheaper plastic cars on the road nowadays. Thank God Wayne was wearing his seatbelt and that the airbag deployed. There is all ways something to be thankful for I suppose, even the most dire of situations. We can either see the glass has half empty or half full, I've all ways been a sickening optimist. The police officer informed us our sons court date. He told us that Wayne's driving privilege has been revoked and that there will fines and penalties to be paid. I'm sure he'll have to take classes on what can happen while driving drunk and be made to view horrific scenes of accidents with mangled bodies and dead babies tossed and thrown out of car windows onto God forsaken highways. But  that's okay. We all need a slap across the face of harsh reality from time to ugly as that may be. Psychically our son will be fine, mentally and emotionally is another story. The Volvo is in a coma close to death. Only time and an insurance adjuster  will determine if it lives or dies and ends up in a metal junk heap somewhere on the outskirts of town. I am worried for my son now, really worried. I don't want him to be an alcoholic. It's not the way to live a life and will only bring misery to all those involved.I have a feeling that he may need professional help and if we do this now there may be hope that he will see the light. I pray he does....over and over again will I pray.

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