Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dreams and Wishes

When I ask that you honor me, I am asking you for respect. I am asking that you endear me to you and that you have a place in your heart for me...I have not come to love you easily, love has never been easy for me. I resisted and denied, I have spilled many tears and my heart has ached from the want of you. But I do love you and I so desire you, as uncomfortable as this may make you feel. Life is curious isn't it? Just when you give up on the notion of love, although your prayers betray your waking hours and your dreams are filled with desire and yearning...someone walks through your door, someone who makes you sit up and take notice, someone who makes your heart beat a little faster, someone who reminds you of your womanhood and the passion and sensuality that once oozed from your pores so naturally.....and your life will never be the same..... but be so very careful in what your dreams are made of and what your wishes consist of because.....dreams and wishes can and do come true. ~Vita~

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