Thursday, January 31, 2013


The ego says, you are not worthy enough....who are you? You were born of peasants, far from the castle gates of royalty and privilege.....Who are you? I quietly breath and explain, I am one who feels and thinks with her heart. I have compassion for all my brothers and sisters, and for all creatures great and small. My mind tells me I am nothing, yet I know that I am everything....for I am love and love is all there is....I take from the past, I live this day in the moment and to the fullest, and I look far into the future, because if we are indeed fortunate enough to experience the turbulent times ahead..... we must embrace the person we are today.....and love ourselves, so that we may have the capacity to love the rest of humanity, especially when they have forgotten how to love themselves..... ♥ ~Vita~

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