Monday, January 7, 2013

~and then there was nothing~

~There was nothing......just a deep dark void of velvety blackness. No one spoke to me, there were no words of love, consolation, or forgiveness, there was absolute nothingness. But I wasn't yet dead, though I wasn't alive....breathing..... yes, because that is what the body does with or without our permission. I was enveloped in thick total darkness, without sound, without thought, without fear, without feeling anything. There were no demons to drag me to the depths of hell, and no Angels to mercifully lead me back home.....This is what purgatory must be like, because I pray there is something more glorious awaiting us when we exhale our last breath....After all that mortal life puts us through, there has got to be something more, doesn't there? I think maybe, if we can create our own personal hell, then we ought to be able to create our own personal heaven, here on earth.....we can try to, if nothing else.....we can try with every fiber of our being.~

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