Thursday, January 3, 2013

~The Gift~

You take this gift that was given you, all wrapped up in shiny, glittery paper, tied with silken ribbon, and presented to you with thoughtful hesitation, humility, love.......At first you are pleased, thankful, and sing songs of praise. You proudly wear your new gift as a king wears his crown, in full glory, for all the world to admire....but slowly, in time, you decide that your gift no longer suits your needs, and you tire of it. How do you return such a gift you ask yourself, without being perceived as ungrateful and insensitive, without insulting and hurting the one who so graciously bestowed the gift upon you, given to you with pure heart, as a child gives a hand-picked flower to her mother.....There is no way to give back the gift of love without consequence, without matter how consoling and apologetic the return... ~Vita~

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