Friday, January 11, 2013

Send in the Clowns

I suppose you can say that I'm a wee bit touched in the head......I mean, who the hell isnt? Especially in this modern day world that spins much too fast, so fast that it sometimes makes me naseuous and dizzy. I've never been a fan of carnival rides and circus clowns, and yet, here I am, on a perpetual roller coaster ride surrounded by a myriad of painted faces, exaggerated personas mimicking a cornucopia of different emotions. Happiness, sadness, mischieviousness, innocence, and perversion, to name a few, looming in and out of my line of clown more absurd than the next. What are they hiding, this cast of characters, behind their make-up I wonder? But I am doing the same thing......each morning I stand before my bathroom mirror. I meticulously paint on my face, step by step, red lips the final touch.......I paint on my happy face to show the world that I am okay....and like most clowns....hiding behind pain that is not palpable, but hurts just the same........ I suppose you can say I'm a wee bit touched in the head.....but at least, I can see through my make-up.....Can you see through yours?             ~Vita~

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