Sunday, June 12, 2011


 ~I allowed your words to penetrate. My thin veneer was no protection from their sharp, piercing barbs. Overtime I was left scarred and damaged, my life blood slowly draining, oozing out of me until I became weak and complacent. I swathed myself in bandages, wrapping them round and around, from head to toe, mummifying myself so that I could go within to find solace and try to heal. And with the passing of time, I did begin to heal.....even with your attempts to tear away the bandages, to pull fibers from the cocoon.......I managed to heal myself. In doing so I became stronger and how this threatened you because it exposed your weaknesses......The bandages have now been removed, the chrysalis has emerged from her cocoon.....she is spreading her colorful wings and learning once again how to fly.~

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