Monday, June 20, 2011

What Happened To Us~

We live our in and day out. We do what is expected of us, what society expects of us.....we finish school, we go to college, we marry, we gain meaningful in and day out.....the same routine.....then we have children and we busy ourselves raising them. We forget our dreams and aspirations because now we have a mortgage to pay and college tuition to think about....what happened to us? We forgot how to dance, to walk in the rain, to make love with abandon.....what happened to us? I look at you now and wonder who you are....I don't know you any longer if I ever really knew you at all.....I'm beginning to realize that life is indeed short and that there are no guarantees. It could all be gone in the blink of an now I want to tell you, thank you for sharing the first half of my journey with me...I am not bitter for this was our time under the moon and stars. But now it is time to go our separate ways....and I ask myself once again, what happened to us? And all that I can think of  is, we loved the best way we knew how....but it wasn't wasn't enough for me.~

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