Wednesday, June 8, 2011


~It could have been a dream I had, but I really can't recall. Like a painful memory that has been buried by layers of hours, days, months, years..... But it is a part of me, this haunted memory, that rises to the surface of my mind when I am most vulnerable, smirking its ghostly grin, dead eyes peering into my soul. It is you that I see, though you are shrouded in a blinding light, swirling colors so radiant and pure dancing circles around you. I am at once overwhelmed with emotions of love, sorrow, joy, regret.....And as I reached out to you, to save you from yourself, you silently stepped back into the shadows.....until you were gone, vanished into a place somewhere between space and time, between love and hate, between reason and insanity....leaving me alone and wondering what I could have done, should have done to save you....and in turn, save myself.~

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